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Not often, but our fees are based on the information provided by you. If that information is incorrect or work is required outside of that agreed for the fixed fee, we will discuss those situations and agree on a varied proposal and price.

We provide you with a plan for how your case will progress at the start.  We will then provide you with regular updates on how your case is tracking against that plan.  You will never need to chase us to find out where our case is up to.

No, but you can if you want.  We can call you and use Zoom to conduct interviews.  How you interact with us is your choice.

We are based in Newcastle, but our technology lets us service businesses all over Australia.

Start the process online whenever you want.  Our lawyers are available for phone and video consultations out of standard business hours.

Take advantage of our free 15-minute consultation. We will be able to tell you whether you need legal help.

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