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Need a commercial leasing lawyer who is transparent about their fees? Foursquare Legal offers fixed-fee quotes for legal advice on commercial leasing.

Signing a commercial lease is a big commitment. It is important that you make sure that you choose a lawyer with extensive experience in commercial leasing to review your lease for you.

The decisions both landlords and tenants make when agreeing on the terms of a lease can have a significant financial impact for many years. Commercial leasing lawyers are experts in advising on the significance of terms and in drafting and reviewing commercial leases for business owners. Foursquare’s lawyers provide advice to landlords and tenants when entering into leases, when leasing problems arise, and during other transactions such as assignments of lease.

Types of commercial leases vary, based on the business type and the state in which the business is situated. It is important to find a commercial leasing lawyer who is well versed in the regulations and legislations of your state, as each state is different.

Thinking of opening a retail business, like a café or shop? 

Be sure to speak to your commercial leasing lawyer about the special requirements that apply in the Retail Leases Act.

Foursquare Legal provides advice to tenants and landlords from the time they are searching for properties (in the case of tenants), to ensuring that the transaction is running smoothly after the lease has been signed.  Our fixed fees represent value to our clients and our reporting process ensures that our clients always know the status of the transaction.

Sale ocurring on-site at a small business premises.

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