Fair Work Commission to decide mandatory vaccination case

18 November 2021

Next week the Fair Work Commission will hear an application as to whether a direction requiring employees be vaccinated is reasonable and lawful.

Last week the Fair Work Commission refused to grant interim relief permitting unvaccinated workers to work without satisfying the requirement they have a single dose of vaccine before the Full Bench delivers its decision.

In this blog we look at why the Commission refused to allow the unvaccinated workers to work until the dispute had been determined.

Developments in the management of COVID-19 in the workplace

Sale ocurring on-site at a small business premises.

Worksafe Victoria are investigating the death of a call centre worker after he was subsequently identified as a close contact from a workplace exposure. His workplace is categorized as Tier 1 which according to the Fair Work Ombudsman is one where employees are required as part of their duties to interact with people with an increased risk of being infected with COVID-19.

Can a Worker Sue me if they are Exposed to COVID-19 at Work?

As NSW moves to “living with COVID-19” the chances of both vaccinated and unvaccinated workers catching the virus at work is real, even with high vaccination rates and low caseloads.

What happens if your worker catches COVID-19 at work? Can they claim on workers compensation? Do they have any other claim against you? Is there anything you can do to minimise the chances of a claim?