Business Sale and Purchase

Buying a Business?

Buying an existing business is a big commercial decision.

Prior to purchasing any business, it is important to clearly understand what you are buying. For example: ownership of key assets, why the vendor is selling the business in the first place, and whether there could be any past or ongoing liabilities or disputes associated with the business.

Foursquare Legal can offer expert guidance across all stages of buying a business from early due diligence to settlement, and will ensure important issues such as transferring leases and business names are not overlooked. With our experience and processes, our clients are assured of the costs and course of action right from the very start. Our collaborative approach means that our clients have the comfort of knowing the status of their important purchase at all times.

Selling a Business?

Your business is often one of your biggest and most important assets. Selling your business can be a complicated process of critical activities to achieve the outcome that is important to you, including due diligence, contract drafting and negotiation, exchange and settlement.

Foursquare Legal works collaboratively with our clients from the very early considerations of selling your business right through to settlement. With our experience and processes our clients are assured with the costs and the course of action right from the very start. Our approach means our clients have the comfort of knowing that no aspect of this very important sale is overlooked.

Selling business on a farm

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