A Newcastle law firm re-designing how legal services are provided to small-to-medium businesses.

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Foursquare Legal is a Business Law Firm based in Newcastle.

Specialising in Dispute Resolution and Litigation, Commercial Law, Employment Law, Debt Recovery, Insolvency and Bankruptcy.

Why choose Foursquare Legal?

Straightforward Legal Solutions

At Foursquare, our priority is transparency and customer service. To keep you up-to-date and informed on how your matter is progressing and how much it is going to cost. 

Unlike a traditional law firm, we don’t charge for our time; we are results-driven. 

We are open, reliable and honest in our communication with our clients. Our collaborative approach means that our clients have the comfort of knowing the status of their matter at all times.

We Are Value-Driven


We take the time with you upfront to best understand the consequences of decisions on your business.


We will prepare a Matter Plan for you, letting you know the key steps and timeframes of your matter.


We are open and honest with our communication with you, from our first consultation until finalisation.


We champion customer service across the firm. We want to understand what success looks like to you.

Photo of Sally Radford, principal at Foursquare Legal.

Meet Sally Radford

Principal at Foursquare Legal

I’m a lawyer with 17 years experience in the legal industry, 14 of those post admission. I’m passionate about re-designing the way legal services are provided to small and medium businesses which is what led me to start Foursquare Legal. After working in private practice and as the ex-principal of a costs law firm, I discovered that small and medium businesses had little access to legal services that genuinely met their business objectives.

I started Foursquare Legal as a way to provide small to medium businesses with transparency and choice as to cost and process so that business owners can meet their objectives in a way that provides value to them.”

Sally Radford
Photo of Sally Radford, principal at Foursquare Legal.


Not often, but our fees are based on the information provided by you. If that information is incorrect or work is required outside of that agreed for the fixed fee, we will discuss those situations and agree on a varied proposal and price.

We provide you with a plan for how your case will progress at the start.  We will then provide you with regular updates on how your case is tracking against that plan.  You will never need to chase us to find out where our case is up to.

No, but you can if you want.  We can call you and use Zoom to conduct interviews.  How you interact with us is your choice.

We are based in Newcastle, but our technology lets us service businesses all over Australia.

Start the process online whenever you want.  Our lawyers are available for phone and video consultations out of standard business hours.

Take advantage of our free 15-minute consultation. We will be able to tell you whether you need legal help.

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